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a2dCanvasGlobal Class Reference

contains global settings for the a2dCanvas library More...

#include <canglob.h>

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Public Member Functions

a2dPathListGetLayersPathList () const
 Path for Icons and small bitmaps.
a2dArtProviderGetArtProvider ()
void SetArtProvider (a2dArtProvider *artProvider)
wxCursor & GetCursor (a2dCursorId id)
void SetPopBeforePush (bool popBeforePush)
bool GetPopBeforePush ()
void SetOneShotTools (bool oneShotTools)
 when set, tools are pushed in one shotmode in PushTool()
bool GetOneShotTools ()
 see SetOneShotTools()
void SetEditAtEndTools (bool editAtEndTools)
 when set, drawing tools are going into edit mode after drawing
bool GetEditAtEndTools ()
 see SetEditAtEndTools
void SetActiveDrawingPart (a2dDrawingPart *part)
 get the drawing part that has the focus/is active in a window.
a2dDrawingPartGetActiveDrawingPart ()
 return the currently/last active drawing part.
a2dHabitatGetHabitat () const
void SetHabitat (a2dHabitat *habitat)
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dGeneralGlobal
virtual void ResetErrors ()
 reset the error report to empty. More...
virtual void ReportError (const a2dError &error, const wxString &errorstr=wxEmptyString)
 concatenate to the the error report the given error.
virtual void ReportErrorF (const a2dError &error, const wxChar *Format,...)
 concatenate to the the error report the given error.
virtual void ReportWarning (const a2dError &error, const wxString &errorstr)
 concatenate to the error report the given warning.
virtual void ReportWarningF (const a2dError &error, const wxChar *Format,...)
 concatenate to the error report the given warning.
wxString GetErrorsAsString ()
 concatenate all errors found into one string.
void SendToLogTarget ()
 all stored errors and warning are sent to log target using wxLogError() More...
a2dErrorWarningCode GetLastErrorCode () const
 code of the last warning or error
a2dError GetLastError () const
virtual void RecordF (wxObject *sender, const wxChar *Format,...)
virtual void RecordF (const wxChar *Format,...)
void SetDoLog (bool onOff)
 Set logging to wxLog target on or off.
bool GetDoLog ()
 Is logging to wxLog target on or off?
void IgnoreError (unsigned int id)
 Add an error to the list of ignored errors.
a2dVariablesHashGetVariablesHash ()
 aliases list for setting internal variables
wxString * GetVariableString (const wxString &variablename)
 get a variable from the internal aliases list
a2dPathListGetConfigPathList ()
 Path(s) for configuration file(s) in an application.
a2dPropertyIdListGetPropertyIdList ()
 Get a reference to the central list of dynamic created property id's.
wxString GetWxArt2DVar (bool withSep=true) const
wxString GetWxArt2DArtVar (bool withSep=true, bool silent=false) const
void SetLogConnectedEvents (bool logConnectedEvents)
bool GetLogConnectedEvents ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dObject
virtual bool ProcessEvent (wxEvent &event)
bool SearchDynamicEventTable (wxEvent &event)
void Connect (int winid, int lastId, int eventType, wxObjectEventFunction func, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL, wxEvtHandler *eventSink=(wxEvtHandler *) NULL)
bool Disconnect (int winid, int lastId, wxEventType eventType, wxObjectEventFunction func=NULL, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL, wxEvtHandler *eventSink=(wxEvtHandler *) NULL)
void ProcessConnectedEvent (wxEvent &event)
 wxCHECK_VERSION(2,9,0) More...
void ConnectEvent (wxEventType type, wxEvtHandler *eventSink)
bool DisconnectEvent (wxEventType type, wxEvtHandler *eventSink)
bool DisconnectEventAll (wxEvtHandler *eventSink)
 Remove all dynamic events in classA, going to classB (eventSink) More...
 a2dObject ()
virtual ~a2dObject ()
void operator= (const a2dObject &other)
 assignment operator
int GetOwnedBy ()
 like it to be protected, but this does not work with wxList macros More...
virtual a2dObjectSetNonDynamic ()
 Call to mark this object as non-dynamic (static/local/auto) More...
void CheckReferences ()
 Check zero reference count and delete if count is 0. More...
a2dObjectClone (CloneOptions options, a2dRefMap *refs=NULL) const
 create an exact copy of this property
 a2dObject (const a2dObject &other, CloneOptions options, a2dRefMap *refs)
virtual wxString GetName () const
 Returns the name of this object, if no name is given the internal id will be returned. More...
virtual void SetName (const wxString &name)
 Creates the a2dStringProperty PROPID_Name. More...
virtual bool IsTemporary_DontSave () const
 Check if this is a temporary object, which should not be saved.
void SaveAsDocument (a2dIOHandlerXmlSerOut &out)
 Save this object and all below as an XML document. More...
virtual void Save (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerOut &out, a2dObjectList *towrite)
 write all needed to an XML type of file called the CVG format More...
void LoadFromDocument (a2dIOHandlerXmlSerIn &parser)
 Load this object and all below from an XML document. More...
virtual void Load (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerIn &parser)
 load object from CVG file More...
wxInt64 GetUniqueSerializationId () const
 return a unique id for this object More...
virtual bool AlwaysWriteSerializationId () const
 If true, always write an id. More...
virtual bool LinkReference (a2dObject *other)
 link a reference in the object to the given value More...
virtual void ResolveInform ()
 inform an object that reference resolution was done More...
void Walker (wxObject *parent, a2dWalkerIOHandler &handler)
 This is used to recursively walk through an object tree.
void SetCheck (bool check)
 general flag use at will. More...
bool GetCheck () const
 general flag use at will.
void SetRelease (bool value)
 set release flag More...
bool GetRelease () const
 get release flag More...
a2dAutoZeroPtr< a2dObject > ** GetAutoZeroPtrList ()
 return the list head pointer for autozero pointers to this object More...
a2dNamedPropertyGetProperty (const a2dPropertyId *propertyId, a2dPropertyId::Flags flags=a2dPropertyId::flag_none) const
 get property on this object More...
void SetProperty (a2dNamedProperty *propertyHolder, a2dPropertyId::SetFlags flags=a2dPropertyId::set_none)
 Set the property to the this object. More...
void SetProperty (const a2dNamedProperty &propertyHolder, a2dPropertyId::SetFlags flags=a2dPropertyId::set_none)
 Set the property to the this object and if enabled, to all childs and object members. More...
virtual a2dNamedPropertyFindProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, a2dPropertyId::Flags flags=a2dPropertyId::flag_none)
 Find a dynamic property with given id in the property list. More...
virtual const a2dNamedPropertyFindProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, a2dPropertyId::Flags flags=a2dPropertyId::flag_none) const
 Find a dynamic property with given id in the property list. More...
virtual bool HasProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, const wxString &stringvalue=wxEmptyString) const
 Check if the object has a property with given id and string representation. More...
virtual void OnPropertyChanged (const a2dPropertyId *id)
 This function is called after a property changed. More...
virtual bool EditProperties (const a2dPropertyId *id, bool withUndo=true)
 edit properties of the object More...
void TakeOverProperties (a2dObject *from, a2dPropertyIdList *listOfIds)
 Properties in the id list are taken from the given object, en set to this. More...
wxURI GetURI () const
 quick way to get to PROPID_URI property More...
void SetURI (const wxURI &url)
 quickly set a property PROPID_URI More...
const a2dNamedPropertyListGetPropertyList () const
 Get the Property List. More...
bool HasDynamicProperties () const
 test if there are dynamic properties in the m_propertylist
virtual bool RemoveProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, bool all=true)
 This function is called by a2dPropertyId to remove a property from the list. More...
void RemoveTemporaryProperties ()
 remove all temporary properties
virtual bool AddProperty (a2dNamedProperty *property)
 This function is called by a2dPropertyId to add a property to the list. More...

Public Attributes

wxPoint m_initialDocChildFramePos
wxSize m_initialDocChildFrameSize
long m_initialDocChildFrameStyle
long m_initialWorldCanvasStyle

Static Public Attributes

static const a2dPropertyIdPathList PROPID_layerPathList
static const a2dSignal sig_changedActiveDrawing = wxNewId()
 when active drawing is set, this signal is send to the drawing.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from a2dObject
static a2dPropertyIdBoolPROPID_Check = NULL
 used for linking multiple referenced objects when serializing
static a2dPropertyIdUriPROPID_URI = NULL
 attach an URL to the object
static a2dPropertyIdStringPROPID_Name = NULL
 Name property, to return name of this object.
static a2dPropertyIdVoidPtrPROPID_autozeroptrlist = NULL
static const a2dSignal sm_Edit_properties = wxNewId()
 edit properties event, see EditProperties()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from a2dObject
enum  CloneOptions {
  clone_members = 0x00000001, clone_properties = 0x00000002, clone_childs = 0x00000004, clone_unused = 0x00000008,
  clone_setoriginal = 0x00000010, clone_seteditcopy = 0x00000020, clone_noReference = 0x00000040, clone_noCameleonRef = 0x00000080,
  clone_toDrag = 0x00000100, clone_flat = 0x00000000, clone_deep = clone_members | clone_properties | clone_childs
 options for cloning More...
typedef a2dAutoZeroPtr< a2dObjectTAutoZeroPtrListClass
 this is needed inside the smart pointer template code
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from a2dGeneralGlobal
static a2dErrorVector & GetErrors ()
 get the errors found sofar.
- Protected Types inherited from a2dObject
enum  { refcount_nondynamic = 0x76543210 }
 special refcount value for non-dynamic objects
- Protected Member Functions inherited from a2dObject
virtual bool DoIgnoreIfNotMember (const a2dPropertyId *id) const
 used to decide if a property shall be ignored, if it is not a member More...
virtual void DoWalker (wxObject *parent, a2dWalkerIOHandler &handler)
 iterate over this object and its children More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from a2dGeneralGlobal
bool m_logConnectedEvents
- Protected Attributes inherited from a2dObject
a2dNamedPropertyList m_propertylist
int m_refcount
 how many references to this object do exist
bool m_check: 1
 used for linking multiple referenced objects when serializing
bool m_release: 1
 when set object is treated as being deleted, and wil be deleted in idle time.
bool m_recursion_active: 1
 this is used as a recursion stopper
bool m_pendingDisconnects: 1
unsigned int m_iteratorCount
a2dAutoZeroPtr< a2dObject > * m_autozeroptrlist
 this is a list of all a2dAutoZeroPtr object pointing to this object
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from a2dGeneralGlobal
static a2dPathList m_configpath = a2dPathList()
 Path(s) for configuration file(s) in an application.
static bool m_directlog = true
 logging to wxLog target on or off
static a2dErrorVector m_errors = a2dErrorVector()
 list of all possible errors
static wxArrayInt m_ignoredErrorIds = wxArrayInt()
 list of error id's to be ignored.
static a2dVariablesHash m_variableList = a2dVariablesHash()
 aliaslist containing internal variables
static a2dPropertyIdList m_dynamicIdList = a2dPropertyIdList()

Detailed Description

contains global settings for the a2dCanvas library

Settings and function using those settings or stored here. There is only ONE a2dCanvasGlobals instance for the whole a2dCanvas Library.

Definition at line 1217 of file canglob.h.

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