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a2dCanvasObjectMouseEvent Class Reference

mouse event sent from a2dCanvasObject to itself More...

#include <canglob.h>

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Public Member Functions

 a2dCanvasObjectMouseEvent (a2dIterC *ic, a2dCanvasObject *object, a2dHit &how, double x, double y, const wxMouseEvent &event)
 a2dCanvasObjectMouseEvent (a2dIterC *ic, a2dCanvasObject *object, wxEventType type, double x, double y, const wxMouseEvent &event)
 a2dCanvasObjectMouseEvent (const a2dCanvasObjectMouseEvent &other)
virtual wxEvent * Clone (bool deep=true) const
 clone the event
a2dCanvasObjectGetCanvasObject ()
 return the object hit
wxMouseEvent & GetMouseEvent ()
 return the original mouse event that was redirected to the a2dCanvasObject
a2dHitGetHow ()
 in what manner the a2dCanvasObject was hit.
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dCanvasObjectEvent
 a2dCanvasObjectEvent (a2dIterC *ic, wxEventType type, a2dCanvasObject *object, double x, double y, int id=0)
 a2dCanvasObjectEvent (a2dCanvasObject *object, const a2dBoundingBox &box, int id=0)
 a2dCanvasObjectEvent (const a2dCanvasObjectEvent &other)
virtual wxEvent * Clone () const
 clone the event
a2dCanvasObjectGetCanvasObject ()
double GetX ()
double GetY ()
a2dBoundingBoxGetBbox ()
 in case of wxEVT_CANVASOBJECT_RESIZE_EVENT event get boundingbox which was sent
a2dIterCGetIterC ()
void SetIterC (a2dIterC *ic)

Detailed Description

mouse event sent from a2dCanvasObject to itself

It contains the accumulated matrix to reach the position etc. of the object. This is important for editing childobjects of a2dCanvasObject directly. The original mouse event ( e.g. as sent from the a2dCanvasView its a2dCanvas ), is also stored as part of the event.

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Definition at line 223 of file canglob.h.

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