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#include <docviewref.h>

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Public Member Functions

 a2dCloseDocumentEvent (int id=0)
 a2dCloseDocumentEvent (const a2dCloseDocumentEvent &event)
virtual wxEvent * Clone () const
 clone the event

Detailed Description

sent to document before closing

The event Object is a a2dDocument. The type of the event is ::wxEVT_CLOSE_DOCUMENT. This event is sent form bool a2dDocument::Close( bool force ) to the a2dDocument itself.

The default handler is a2dDocument::OnCloseDocument(). Which, if not vetod, disconnects ( and maybe closes ) the views on the document using a2dDocument::DisconnectAllViews(). This will generate a ::wxEVT_DISCONNECT_ALLVIEWS event for the a2dDocument, and the same event is sent the view itself. Register your wxEvtHandler to recieve it. Views should either close or detach themselfs from the document.

Definition at line 558 of file docviewref.h.

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