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Event sent to a2dCommandProcessor. More...

#include <comevt.h>

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Public Member Functions

 a2dCommandProcessorEvent (wxEventType type, a2dCommand *cmd)
 constructor More...
 a2dCommandProcessorEvent (a2dCommand *cmd, const wxString &undoLabel, bool canUndo, const wxString &redoLabel, bool canRedo)
 constructor More...
 a2dCommandProcessorEvent (const a2dCommandProcessorEvent &event)
virtual wxEvent * Clone () const
 clone the event.
a2dCommandGetCommand ()
 the command ( if there was one ) that did it.
wxString & GetUndoMenuLabel ()
 by default this is a2dCommandProcessor::GetUndoMenuLabel()
wxString & GetRedoMenuLabel ()
 by default this is a2dCommandProcessor::GetRedoMenuLabel()
bool CanUndo ()
 by default this is a2dCommandProcessor::CanUndo()
bool CanRedo ()
 by default this is a2dCommandProcessor::CanRedo()
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dEvent
 a2dEvent (int id=0, wxEventType eventType=wxEVT_NULL)
void SetIntTimeStamp ()

Protected Attributes

 see GetCommand()
wxString m_undoLabel
 used for wxEVT_MENUSTRINGS event
bool m_canUndo
 used for wxEVT_MENUSTRINGS event
wxString m_redoLabel
 used for wxEVT_MENUSTRINGS event
bool m_canRedo
 used for wxEVT_MENUSTRINGS event

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from a2dEvent
static long ms_timestamp = 0
 initialize timestamp

Detailed Description

Event sent to a2dCommandProcessor.

Use a2dObject::ConnectEvent to connect your own wxEvtHandler to the a2CommandProcessor to receive them.

Definition at line 701 of file comevt.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

a2dCommandProcessorEvent::a2dCommandProcessorEvent ( wxEventType  type,
a2dCommand cmd 


type should ::wxEVT_DO ::wxEVT_UNDO

Definition at line 711 of file comevt.h.

a2dCommandProcessorEvent::a2dCommandProcessorEvent ( a2dCommand cmd,
const wxString &  undoLabel,
bool  canUndo,
const wxString &  redoLabel,
bool  canRedo 



For ::wxEVT_MENUSTRINGS, you can use the following function, to get the info to set the menu string. -wxCommandProcessor::GetUndoMenuLabel() -wxCommandProcessor::GetRedoMenuLabel() -wxCommandProcessor::CanUndo() -wxCommandProcessor::CanRedo()

Definition at line 731 of file comevt.h.

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