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a2dHandleMouseEvent Class Reference

general event sent from a2dHandle to its parent a2dCanvasObject More...

#include <canglob.h>

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Public Member Functions

 a2dHandleMouseEvent (a2dIterC *ic, a2dHandle *handle, double x, double y, const wxMouseEvent &event, wxEventType type=wxEVT_CANVASHANDLE_MOUSE_EVENT)
 a2dHandleMouseEvent (const a2dHandleMouseEvent &other)
virtual wxEvent * Clone (bool deep=true) const
 clone the event
a2dHandleGetCanvasHandle ()
 return the handle object hit
wxMouseEvent & GetMouseEvent ()
 return the original mouse event that was redirected to the a2dHandle
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dCanvasObjectEvent
 a2dCanvasObjectEvent (a2dIterC *ic, wxEventType type, a2dCanvasObject *object, double x, double y, int id=0)
 a2dCanvasObjectEvent (a2dCanvasObject *object, const a2dBoundingBox &box, int id=0)
 a2dCanvasObjectEvent (const a2dCanvasObjectEvent &other)
virtual wxEvent * Clone () const
 clone the event
a2dCanvasObjectGetCanvasObject ()
double GetX ()
double GetY ()
a2dBoundingBoxGetBbox ()
 in case of wxEVT_CANVASOBJECT_RESIZE_EVENT event get boundingbox which was sent
a2dIterCGetIterC ()
void SetIterC (a2dIterC *ic)

Detailed Description

general event sent from a2dHandle to its parent a2dCanvasObject

This event can be intercepted, to implement an action when a a2dHandle is hit. The original mouse event ( e.g. as sent from the a2dCanvasView its a2dCanvas ), is also stored as part of the event.

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Definition at line 273 of file canglob.h.

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