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a2dMasterTagGroups3 Class Reference

Master tool for objects graphics slecting and dragging. More...

#include <mastertoolgroups.h>

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Public Member Functions

 a2dMasterTagGroups3 (a2dStToolContr *controller)
virtual wxString GetToolString () const
virtual void SetActive (bool active=true)
 set the tool active or inactive. More...
void SetWireMode (bool drawWire)
 set wire first mode on or off
bool GetWireMode () const
 what is the current mode.
void SetAllowDoubleClickModifier (bool AllowDoubleClickModifier)
 set if double click can be used to switch editingmode using shift key
bool GetAllowDoubleClickModifier () const
 get if double click can be used to switch editingmode using shift key
void SetGeneratePinsNonWire (bool generatePinsNonWire, bool generatePinsAlsoNonWireMode)
 set generate pins on non wire objects on or off
bool GetGeneratePinsNonWire ()
bool GetGeneratePinsAlsoNonWireMode ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dMasterDrawBase
 a2dMasterDrawBase (a2dStToolContr *controller)
 ~a2dMasterDrawBase ()
void SetFastTools (bool onOff)
 tools using inverse drawing will be used.
bool GetFastTools ()
 tools using inverse drawing will be used.
void SetAllowMultiEdit (bool onOff)
 if set true, Double Click on N selected objects, leads to editing them as a group
bool GetAllowMultiEdit ()
 if true, Double Click on N selected objects, leads to editing them as a group
void SetSelectUndo (bool onOff)
 if set true selecting object will be undoable
bool GetSelectUndo ()
 if true selecting object is undoable
void SetEscapeToStopFirst (bool onOff)
 if set true pressing escape key, stops current active tool. More...
bool GetEscapeToStopFirst ()
void SetSelectFill (const a2dFill &fill)
 set select fill
const a2dFillGetSelectFill () const
 get the select fill More...
void SetSelectStroke (const a2dStroke &stroke)
 set select stroke
const a2dStrokeGetSelectStroke () const
 get the select stroke More...
void SetWiringMode (a2dWiringMode wiringMode)
void MouseDump (wxMouseEvent &event, wxString strinfo="")
bool RotateObject90LeftRight (bool right)
 rotate object of first tool on the stack, when appropriate.
void SetDlgOrEdit (bool dlgOrEdit)
 set dlg at Double Left Down if dlgOrEdit == true
bool GetDlgOrEdit () const
 set dlg at Double Left Down if dlgOrEdit == true
void SetDlgOrEditModal (bool dlgOrEditModal)
 set style dlg as modal
bool GetDlgOrEditModal () const
 get style dlg as modal setting
void SetStyleDlgSimple (bool styleDlgSimple)
void SetLateConnect (bool lateconnect)
 defines if an object will try to connect at the end of a drag
void SetLastSelected (a2dCanvasObject *lastSelect, bool onOff)
void SetEndSegmentMode (a2dNextSeg mode)
a2dNextSeg GetEndSegmentMode ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dStTool
 a2dStTool (a2dStToolContr *controller)
 a2dStTool (const a2dStTool &other, CloneOptions options, a2dRefMap *refs)
virtual ~a2dStTool ()
virtual bool OnPushNewTool (a2dBaseTool *newtool)
 halts the tool is busy
virtual bool EnterBusyMode ()
 starts a new action (e.g drawing something ) in a tool that is already pushed. More...
virtual void FinishBusyMode (bool closeCommandGroup=true)
 Called when the user finishes editing a distinct object */. More...
void AddCurrent (a2dCanvasObject *objectToAdd)
 add the current canvas object to parent as child More...
void RenderAnotation ()
 to render the tools its anotation text. More...
a2dStToolContrGetStToolContr ()
 return the staacked tool controller More...
a2dObjectEditToolStartEditTool (a2dCanvasObject *objecttoedit)
 to start editing tool when wanted
void SetEditAtEnd (bool editatend)
 flag for setting editing tool after drawing a primitive. More...
bool GetEditAtEnd ()
 see SetEditAtEnd
void SetOpacityFactorEditcopy (wxUint8 editOpacity)
 when enabling m_useEditOpaque, this is how transparent the editcopy will be made. More...
void SetUseOpaqueEditcopy (a2dOpaqueMode editOpaque)
 When set true, instead of using a special style for editcopies, a clone of the. More...
void SetConnectionGenerator (a2dConnectionGenerator *connectionGenerator)
 Set class for generating new connection objects between object and pins.
a2dConnectionGeneratorGetConnectionGenerator () const
 Get class for generating new connection objects between object and pins.
a2dCanvasObjectGetOriginal ()
 object to draw or edit
bool SetContext (a2dIterC &ic, a2dCanvasObject *startObject=NULL)
 defines the context, relative to which this tools works. More...
void SetStateString (const wxString &message=wxEmptyString, size_t field=0)
void SetSnapSourceFeatures (wxUint32 snapSourceFeatures)
void SetSnapSourceFeature (a2dRestrictionEngine::a2dSnapToWhat snapSourceFeature, bool value=true)
 set one of the snapping features for the source to true or false, leaf others as is
a2dSnapToWhatMask GetSnapSourceFeatures () const
void SetSnapTargetFeatures (wxUint32 snapTargetFeatures)
void SetSnapTargetFeature (a2dRestrictionEngine::a2dSnapToWhat snapTargetFeature, bool value=true)
 set one of the snapping features for targets to true or false, leaf others as is
bool GetSnapTargetFeature (a2dRestrictionEngine::a2dSnapToWhat snapTargetFeature) const
 return the setting of a specific snapping feature
a2dSnapToWhatMask GetSnapTargetFeatures () const
a2dCanvasObjectGetCanvasObject () const
a2dCanvasObjectGetOriginalObject () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dBaseTool
bool ProcessEvent (wxEvent &event)
 events recieved from controller processed here More...
void SetEvtHandler (a2dObject *handler)
 to reroute events to this event handler
a2dObjectGetEventHandler ()
 a2dBaseTool (a2dToolContr *controller, const a2dMenuIdItem &initiatingMenuId=CmdMenu_NoMenu())
 construct a new tool for the given controller.
 a2dBaseTool (const a2dBaseTool &other, CloneOptions options, a2dRefMap *refs)
 constructor initializing partly from other tool
virtual ~a2dBaseTool ()
a2dBaseToolTClone (CloneOptions options, a2dRefMap *refs=NULL)
virtual bool StartTool (a2dBaseTool *currenttool)
 called to initiate while pushing tool to toolcontroller More...
void SetOneShot ()
 Only one action of the tool, after that it will ask the controller to stop this tool.
virtual bool AllowPop ()
 tells if a tool can be poped from the stack. More...
void StopTool (bool abort=false)
 call to stop a tool, internal and external. More...
bool GetStopTool ()
 checked by controller to see if the tool needs to be stopped e.g. after a oneshot. More...
bool GetActive ()
 is the tool active? More...
bool GetBusy ()
 Check if the tool is busy editing a distinct object */. More...
virtual bool EnterBusyModeNoGroup ()
void SetFill (const a2dFill &fill)
 set fill if used inside a tool
const a2dFillGetFill () const
 get the current fill More...
void SetStroke (const a2dStroke &stroke)
 set stroke if used inside a tool
const a2dStrokeGetStroke () const
 get the current stroke More...
void SetLayer (wxUint16 layer)
 layer set for the object that is drawn using a tool
wxUint16 GetLayer ()
 layer set for new objects.
void SetShowAnotation (bool show)
 when true anotation will be shown, if used inside a tool More...
void SetAnotationFont (const wxFont &font)
 font to use for anotation
void SetCursorType (const wxCursor &cursor)
 Sets cursor which the tool should use when started. More...
void SetBusyCursorType (const wxCursor &cursor)
 Sets cursor which the tool should use when busy. More...
wxCursor GetCursorType ()
 what cursor is used when tool is started
wxCursor GetBusyCursorType ()
 what cursor is used when tool is busy
virtual void SetMode (int mode)
 general integer to set operation modes for a tool (e.g the way it draws) More...
int GetMode ()
 can be used to modify the behaviour of the derived tool. More...
void SetPending (bool pending=true)
 a tool is set pending when it needs to be redrawn.
bool GetPending ()
 return if the tool is set pending for redraw.
a2dToolContrGetToolController ()
 to get the tool controller to which this tool is attached.
a2dDrawingPartGetDrawingPart ()
 Access to the tool controllers drawer.
a2dDrawer2DGetDrawer2D ()
 Access to the tool controllers drawers drawer2d.
wxWindow * GetDisplayWindow ()
 Access to the tool controllers drawers canvas.
a2dDrawingGetDrawing ()
 Returns a pointer to the drawing.
a2dCanvasCommandProcessorGetCanvasCommandProcessor ()
 Returns a pointer to the command processor associated with this document.
double GetHitMargin ()
virtual void OpenCommandGroup (bool restart)
 called when starting an editing operation (e.g. on mouse down) More...
virtual void OpenCommandGroupNamed (const wxString &name)
 called when starting an editing operation with another than the default name
virtual void CloseCommandGroup ()
 called when ending an editing operation (e.g. mouse up)
virtual wxString GetCommandGroupName ()
 return the command group name for commands of a derived class More...
a2dCommandGroupGetCommandgroup ()
 return the command group that is open else NULL.
wxMenu * GetMousePopupMenu ()
 to get the current mouse menu of the tool More...
void SetMousePopupMenu (wxMenu *mousemenu)
 to set the current mouse menu of the tool More...
a2dCanvasObjectGetParentObject ()
 parent object relative to which the actions take place. More...
void AddEditobject (a2dCanvasObject *object)
 Add an editcopy object to the tool/document.
void RemoveEditobject (a2dCanvasObject *object)
 Remove an editcopy object to the tool/document.
void AddDecorationObject (a2dCanvasObject *object)
 Add a decoration object to be rendered by the tool. More...
void RemoveAllDecorations ()
 remove all object that were added as decorations.
void SetIgnorePendingObjects (bool onoff)
 Switches ignorance of pending objects on and off. More...
bool GetIgnorePendingObjects ()
 get setting of ignore pending objects /sa GetUpdatesPending()
a2dCorridorGetCorridor ()
 get reference to the corridor list
void SetCorridor (const a2dCorridor &corridor)
 set a corridor from a list of objects
void SetContourWidth (double width)
double GetContourWidth () const
 get the Contour width of the shape
void ResetContext ()
 context like corridor and parentobject are reset
void SetIsEditTool (bool isEditTool)
bool GetIsEditTool ()
void SetInitiatingMenuId (const a2dMenuIdItem &initiatingMenuId)
const a2dMenuIdItemGetInitiatingMenuId ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from a2dObject
bool SearchDynamicEventTable (wxEvent &event)
void Connect (int winid, int lastId, int eventType, wxObjectEventFunction func, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL, wxEvtHandler *eventSink=(wxEvtHandler *) NULL)
bool Disconnect (int winid, int lastId, wxEventType eventType, wxObjectEventFunction func=NULL, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL, wxEvtHandler *eventSink=(wxEvtHandler *) NULL)
void ProcessConnectedEvent (wxEvent &event)
 wxCHECK_VERSION(2,9,0) More...
void ConnectEvent (wxEventType type, wxEvtHandler *eventSink)
bool DisconnectEvent (wxEventType type, wxEvtHandler *eventSink)
bool DisconnectEventAll (wxEvtHandler *eventSink)
 Remove all dynamic events in classA, going to classB (eventSink) More...
 a2dObject ()
virtual ~a2dObject ()
void operator= (const a2dObject &other)
 assignment operator
int GetOwnedBy ()
 like it to be protected, but this does not work with wxList macros More...
virtual a2dObjectSetNonDynamic ()
 Call to mark this object as non-dynamic (static/local/auto) More...
void CheckReferences ()
 Check zero reference count and delete if count is 0. More...
a2dObjectClone (CloneOptions options, a2dRefMap *refs=NULL) const
 create an exact copy of this property
 a2dObject (const a2dObject &other, CloneOptions options, a2dRefMap *refs)
virtual wxString GetName () const
 Returns the name of this object, if no name is given the internal id will be returned. More...
virtual void SetName (const wxString &name)
 Creates the a2dStringProperty PROPID_Name. More...
virtual bool IsTemporary_DontSave () const
 Check if this is a temporary object, which should not be saved.
void SaveAsDocument (a2dIOHandlerXmlSerOut &out)
 Save this object and all below as an XML document. More...
virtual void Save (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerOut &out, a2dObjectList *towrite)
 write all needed to an XML type of file called the CVG format More...
void LoadFromDocument (a2dIOHandlerXmlSerIn &parser)
 Load this object and all below from an XML document. More...
virtual void Load (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerIn &parser)
 load object from CVG file More...
wxInt64 GetUniqueSerializationId () const
 return a unique id for this object More...
virtual bool AlwaysWriteSerializationId () const
 If true, always write an id. More...
virtual bool LinkReference (a2dObject *other)
 link a reference in the object to the given value More...
virtual void ResolveInform ()
 inform an object that reference resolution was done More...
void Walker (wxObject *parent, a2dWalkerIOHandler &handler)
 This is used to recursively walk through an object tree.
void SetCheck (bool check)
 general flag use at will. More...
bool GetCheck () const
 general flag use at will.
void SetRelease (bool value)
 set release flag More...
bool GetRelease () const
 get release flag More...
a2dAutoZeroPtr< a2dObject > ** GetAutoZeroPtrList ()
 return the list head pointer for autozero pointers to this object More...
a2dNamedPropertyGetProperty (const a2dPropertyId *propertyId, a2dPropertyId::Flags flags=a2dPropertyId::flag_none) const
 get property on this object More...
void SetProperty (a2dNamedProperty *propertyHolder, a2dPropertyId::SetFlags flags=a2dPropertyId::set_none)
 Set the property to the this object. More...
void SetProperty (const a2dNamedProperty &propertyHolder, a2dPropertyId::SetFlags flags=a2dPropertyId::set_none)
 Set the property to the this object and if enabled, to all childs and object members. More...
virtual a2dNamedPropertyFindProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, a2dPropertyId::Flags flags=a2dPropertyId::flag_none)
 Find a dynamic property with given id in the property list. More...
virtual const a2dNamedPropertyFindProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, a2dPropertyId::Flags flags=a2dPropertyId::flag_none) const
 Find a dynamic property with given id in the property list. More...
virtual bool HasProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, const wxString &stringvalue=wxEmptyString) const
 Check if the object has a property with given id and string representation. More...
virtual void OnPropertyChanged (const a2dPropertyId *id)
 This function is called after a property changed. More...
virtual bool EditProperties (const a2dPropertyId *id, bool withUndo=true)
 edit properties of the object More...
void TakeOverProperties (a2dObject *from, a2dPropertyIdList *listOfIds)
 Properties in the id list are taken from the given object, en set to this. More...
wxURI GetURI () const
 quick way to get to PROPID_URI property More...
void SetURI (const wxURI &url)
 quickly set a property PROPID_URI More...
const a2dNamedPropertyListGetPropertyList () const
 Get the Property List. More...
bool HasDynamicProperties () const
 test if there are dynamic properties in the m_propertylist
virtual bool RemoveProperty (const a2dPropertyId *id, bool all=true)
 This function is called by a2dPropertyId to remove a property from the list. More...
void RemoveTemporaryProperties ()
 remove all temporary properties
virtual bool AddProperty (a2dNamedProperty *property)
 This function is called by a2dPropertyId to add a property to the list. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetSelectMoreAtShift (bool selectMoreAtShift)

Protected Member Functions

void AbortBusyMode ()
 Called when the user aborts editing a distinct object */. More...
void DoStopTool (bool abort)
 to do tool specific stuff to stop a tool. Called from StopTool().
void OnComEvent (a2dComEvent &event)
void OnChar (wxKeyEvent &event)
bool SetWireCursor (a2dWirePolylineL *wire, const a2dHitEvent &hitinfo, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool alt)
void SetToolMode (bool ctrl, bool shift, bool alt)
void OnMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnKeyUp (wxKeyEvent &event)
void Render ()
 implement rendering More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from a2dMasterDrawBase
virtual void PushZoomTool ()
virtual void PushSelectTool ()
virtual void PushDeSelectTool ()
virtual void PushDragTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void PushDragMultiTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit, bool onlyKeys=false)
virtual void PushCopyTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void PushCopyMultiTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void PushEditTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void PushMultiEditTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void PushEditSegmentTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit, int segment)
virtual void PushEditWireVertexTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit, int vertex)
virtual void PushEditWireSegmentHorizontalTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit, int segment)
virtual void PushEditWireSegmentVerticalTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit, int segment)
virtual void PushEditWireSegmentInsertTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit, int segment)
virtual void PushDrawWireTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void PushMovePinTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void PushRewirePinTool (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual void EditDlgOrHandles (a2dCanvasObject *hit, bool modifier, bool noHandleEditForWire)
void SelectedStatus ()
a2dCanvasObjectGetTopLeftSelected ()
void SelectHitObject (a2dCanvasObject *hit)
virtual bool ZoomSave ()
 Is Zooming while the tool is busy Save. More...
void OnChar (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnKeyUp (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
void InitMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &eventnew, int x, int y, wxMouseEvent &event)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from a2dStTool
void PrepareForRewire (a2dCanvasObjectList &dragList, bool walkWires=true, bool selected=false, bool stopAtSelectedWire=false, bool CreateExtraWires=true, a2dRefMap *=NULL)
void DeselectAll ()
void MouseToToolWorld (int x, int y, double &xWorldLocal, double &yWorldLocal)
 calculate world coordinates from devide coordinates
wxRect GetAbsoluteArea (a2dCanvasObject *object)
 area occupied by this object
void GetTextExtent (const wxString &string, wxCoord *w, wxCoord *h, wxCoord *descent=NULL, wxCoord *externalLeading=NULL)
 return text extends of string
void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
 handler for paint event
void OnIdle (wxIdleEvent &event)
 handler for idle events
void OnUndoEvent (a2dCommandProcessorEvent &event)
 handler for Undo event
void OnDoEvent (a2dCommandProcessorEvent &event)
 handler for Do event
void OnComEvent (a2dComEvent &event)
 called when a tool has changed (fill stroke layer spline )
virtual void GenerateAnotation ()
 to display a string along with a tool drawing.
void AddAnotationToPendingUpdateArea ()
 after calculating anotation position and string, extend the boundingbox of the tools with it.
void GetKeyIncrement (double *xIncr, double *yIncr)
 get the increments used when moving is done with cursor keys
void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event)
 called on key down events
void OnKeyUp (wxKeyEvent &event)
 called on key up events
void OnChar (wxKeyEvent &event)
 called on key events
void OnMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
 called on mouse events
virtual void AdjustRenderOptions ()
 Adjust the rendering options to the needs of this tool.
virtual bool CreateToolObjects ()
 Create the editcopy and other tool objects (e.g. decorations) More...
virtual void CleanupToolObjects ()
 Cleanup the editcopy other tool objects (e.g. decorations)
a2dCanvasObjectFindTaggedObject ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from a2dBaseTool
void OnComEvent (a2dComEvent &event)
 default handler for a2dComEvent event More...
void OnDoEvent (a2dCommandProcessorEvent &event)
void OnUndoEvent (a2dCommandProcessorEvent &event)
void OnRedoEvent (a2dCommandProcessorEvent &event)
void OnMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
 called on mouse events
void OnChar (wxKeyEvent &event)
 called on key events
void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event)
 called on keydown events
void OnKeyUp (wxKeyEvent &event)
 called on keyup events
- Protected Member Functions inherited from a2dObject
virtual bool DoIgnoreIfNotMember (const a2dPropertyId *id) const
 used to decide if a property shall be ignored, if it is not a member More...
virtual void DoWalker (wxObject *parent, a2dWalkerIOHandler &handler)
 iterate over this object and its children More...
virtual void DoSave (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerOut &out, a2dXmlSer_flag xmlparts, a2dObjectList *towrite)
 Save settings.
virtual void DoLoad (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerIn &parser, a2dXmlSer_flag xmlparts)
 Load settings.

Protected Attributes

bool m_drawWire
wxTimer m_timer
bool m_shiftWasDown
bool m_ctrlWasDown
bool m_altWasDown
bool m_AllowDoubleClickModifier
bool m_generatePinsNonWire
bool m_generatePinsAlsoNonWireMode
- Protected Attributes inherited from a2dMasterDrawBase
a2dWiringMode m_wiringMode
bool m_hadDoubleClick
bool m_dlgOrEdit
bool m_dlgOrEditModal
bool m_styleDlgSimple
bool m_lateconnect
bool m_escapeToStopFirst
int m_generatedPinX
int m_generatedPinY
a2dNextSeg m_endSegmentMode
enum a2dMasterDrawBase::Mode m_mode
a2dHit m_modehitinfo
a2dHitEvent m_hitinfo
bool m_spaceDown
bool m_vertexSegmentEdit
bool m_movePin
bool m_toolBusy
bool m_modehitLastSelectState
bool m_fastTools
bool m_allowMultiEdit
bool m_select_undo
a2dFill m_selectFill
a2dStroke m_selectStroke
- Protected Attributes inherited from a2dStTool
a2dSnapToWhatMask m_snapSourceFeatures
 set to the a2dSnapToWhat features enabled by the engine for the source object
a2dSnapToWhatMask m_snapTargetFeatures
 set to the a2dSnapToWhat target features enabled by the engine and/or snap source object
wxString m_anotation
 anotation string, which is in general modified by the tools to display position etc.
int m_xanotation
 x position of anotation text
int m_yanotation
 y position of anotation text
int m_prevxanotation
int m_prevyanotation
int m_x
 x of mouse in device
int m_y
 y of mouse in device
int m_xprev
 previous x of mouse in device
int m_yprev
 previous y of mouse in device
double m_xwprev
 x world coordinates old or new value of mouse
double m_ywprev
 y world coordinates old or new value of mouse
int m_dragstartx
 x of mouse in device at start drag
int m_dragstarty
 y of mouse in device at start drag
bool m_dragStarted
 used to indicate that a first drag event has arrived.
a2dCanvasObjectPtr m_canvasobject
 This is the object currently edited. More...
a2dCanvasObjectPtr m_original
 This is the original object selected for editing. More...
 controller for canvas
 Use this connection generator for wires and pins.
bool m_renderOriginal
 if yes, the original object is rendered in place
bool m_renderEditcopy
 if yes, the editcopy is rendered in place More...
bool m_renderEditcopyOnTop
 if yes, the editcopy is rendered on top in usual style
bool m_renderEditcopyEdit
 if yes, the editcopy is rendered on top in edit style
bool m_renderEditcopyRectangle
 if yes, the editcopy is rendered on top as bounding box rectangle
bool m_editatend
 when drawing something editing must follow, using the a2dRecursiveEditTool
wxUint8 m_editOpacityFactor
 when using cloned style for editcopy, use this opacity.
a2dOpaqueMode m_useEditOpaque
 when true editcopies are using a half transparent cloned style.
- Protected Attributes inherited from a2dBaseTool
const a2dMenuIdItemm_initiatingMenuId
 command which initiated the tool, used to seperate commands using the tool
wxCursor m_toolcursor
 cursor to use
wxCursor m_toolBusyCursor
 cursor to use when the tool is busy doing something.
 under control of this toolcontroller, to give me events.
bool m_active
 tool is operational
wxUint8 m_bussyStopping
 if > 0, the tool is in the process of stopping, which means it can not be poped yet by controller.
a2dSmrtPtr< a2dObjectm_eventHandler
 when set called before own event handler More...
bool m_ignorePendingObjects
 if set ignore all setting for pendingobjects
a2dCorridor m_corridor
bool m_isEditTool
 if tool does change drawing
- Protected Attributes inherited from a2dObject
a2dNamedPropertyList m_propertylist
int m_refcount
 how many references to this object do exist
bool m_check: 1
 used for linking multiple referenced objects when serializing
bool m_release: 1
 when set object is treated as being deleted, and wil be deleted in idle time.
bool m_recursion_active: 1
 this is used as a recursion stopper
bool m_pendingDisconnects: 1
unsigned int m_iteratorCount
a2dAutoZeroPtr< a2dObject > * m_autozeroptrlist
 this is a list of all a2dAutoZeroPtr object pointing to this object

Static Protected Attributes

static bool m_selectMoreAtShift = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from a2dStTool
enum  a2dOpaqueMode { a2dOpaqueMode_Off = 0x00000000, a2dOpaqueMode_Tool = 0x00000001, a2dOpaqueMode_Tool_FixedStyle = 0x00000002, a2dOpaqueMode_Controller = 0x00000004 }
 how editing transparency will be handled More...
- Public Types inherited from a2dObject
enum  CloneOptions {
  clone_members = 0x00000001, clone_properties = 0x00000002, clone_childs = 0x00000004, clone_unused = 0x00000008,
  clone_setoriginal = 0x00000010, clone_seteditcopy = 0x00000020, clone_noReference = 0x00000040, clone_noCameleonRef = 0x00000080,
  clone_toDrag = 0x00000100, clone_flat = 0x00000000, clone_deep = clone_members | clone_properties | clone_childs
 options for cloning More...
typedef a2dAutoZeroPtr< a2dObjectTAutoZeroPtrListClass
 this is needed inside the smart pointer template code
- Public Attributes inherited from a2dBaseTool
bool m_halted
 if a tool is deactivated while m_busy is true, this flag is set
bool m_pending
 set when tool needs an redraw (after a a2dCanvas Repaint etc.) More...
bool m_oneshot
 do it only once
bool m_stop
 stop the tool
a2dFill m_fill
 fill for new object
a2dStroke m_stroke
 stroke for new object
double m_contourwidth
 if != 0 the polygon is contoured at distance m_contourwidth/2
wxUint16 m_layer
 layer for a new object
bool m_canvas_mouseevents_restore
 used to save the a2dCanvas mouse event setting. More...
bool m_anotate
 when true anotation will be shown, if used inside a tool
wxFont m_annotateFont
 font to use for anotation
int m_mode
 general operation mode setting for a tool.
 the command group of the command processor
wxMenu * m_mousemenu
 popup menu
a2dCanvasObjectPtr m_parentobject
 ( if needed ) parent a2dCanvasObject relative to which the tool actions take place.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from a2dStTool
static const a2dSignal sig_toolComEventAddObject = wxNewId()
static const a2dSignal sig_toolComEventSetEditObject = wxNewId()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from a2dBaseTool
static const a2dSignal sig_toolPushed = wxNewId()
 sent to new first tool when tool was pushed
static const a2dSignal sig_toolPoped = wxNewId()
 sent to new first tool when last first tool was poped
static const a2dSignal sig_toolBeforePush = wxNewId()
static const a2dSignal sig_toolDoPopBeforePush = wxNewId()
 return id after a sig_toolBeforePush, to tell current tool needs to be poped.
static const a2dSignal sig_toolComEvent = wxNewId()
 not yet used.
static a2dPropertyIdBoolPROPID_Oneshot = NULL
static a2dPropertyIdBoolPROPID_Stop = NULL
static a2dPropertyIdFillPROPID_Fill = NULL
static a2dPropertyIdStrokePROPID_Stroke = NULL
static a2dPropertyIdUint16PROPID_Layer = NULL
- Static Public Attributes inherited from a2dObject
static a2dPropertyIdBoolPROPID_Check = NULL
 used for linking multiple referenced objects when serializing
static a2dPropertyIdUriPROPID_URI = NULL
 attach an URL to the object
static a2dPropertyIdStringPROPID_Name = NULL
 Name property, to return name of this object.
static a2dPropertyIdVoidPtrPROPID_autozeroptrlist = NULL
static const a2dSignal sm_Edit_properties = wxNewId()
 edit properties event, see EditProperties()
- Protected Types inherited from a2dMasterDrawBase
enum  Mode {
  mode_none, mode_edit, mode_multiedit, mode_zoom,
  mode_select, mode_cntrlselect, mode_deselect, mode_drag,
  mode_dragmulti, mode_copy, mode_copymulti, mode_zoomdrag,
  mode_drawwire, mode_editwire_segment, mode_editwire_segmenthorizontal, mode_editwire_segmentvertical,
  mode_editwire_segmentinsert, mode_editwire_vertex, mode_move_pin, mode_rewire_pin
- Protected Types inherited from a2dObject
enum  { refcount_nondynamic = 0x76543210 }
 special refcount value for non-dynamic objects

Detailed Description

Master tool for objects graphics slecting and dragging.

This tool controls other tools such that simple object graphics can be edited without manually changing tools.

( wire mode )

( select mode )

Definition at line 207 of file mastertoolgroups.h.

Member Function Documentation

void a2dMasterTagGroups3::AbortBusyMode ( )

Called when the user aborts editing a distinct object */.

See Also
EnterBusyMode This is supposed to undo aeverything the tool did since entering busy mode

Reimplemented from a2dStTool.

Definition at line 91 of file mastertoolgroups3.cpp.

void a2dMasterTagGroups3::Render ( )

implement rendering

in general is rendering for tools just to draw/render m_canvasobject when set.

Reimplemented from a2dStTool.

Definition at line 81 of file mastertoolgroups3.cpp.

void a2dMasterTagGroups3::SetActive ( bool  active = true)

set the tool active or inactive.

If the tool needs initializing after it was inactive for a while, override this function to re-initialize the tool. This function can be used to distribute its settings for style etc. to the documents

See Also
a2dCanvasDocument::GetCanvasCommandProcessor(). The default implementation sets fill, stroke to the commandprocessor, but only when m_doSetStyleToCommandProc is true. If you need more complicated behaviour just override.

Reimplemented from a2dStTool.

Definition at line 117 of file mastertoolgroups3.cpp.

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