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Base class for all types of strokes, understood by a2dDrawer2D classes. More...

#include <stylebase.h>

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Public Member Functions

 a2dStroke (void)
 a2dStroke (const wxColour &col, a2dStrokeStyle style=a2dSTROKE_SOLID)
 a2dStroke (const wxColour &col, double width, a2dStrokeStyle style=a2dSTROKE_SOLID)
 a2dStroke (const wxColour &col, int width, a2dStrokeStyle style=a2dSTROKE_SOLID)
 width defined in world coordinates.
 a2dStroke (const wxBitmap &stipple, a2dStrokeStyle style=a2dSTROKE_STIPPLE)
 a2dStroke (const wxBitmap &stipple, const wxColour &col, const wxColour &col2, a2dStrokeStyle style=a2dSTROKE_STIPPLE)
 a2dStroke (const wxFileName &filename, a2dStrokeStyle style=a2dSTROKE_STIPPLE)
 a2dStroke (const wxFileName &filename, const wxColour &col, const wxColour &col2, a2dStrokeStyle style=a2dSTROKE_STIPPLE)
 a2dStroke (const a2dStroke &stroke)
 a2dStroke (const wxPen &stroke)
 width gets defined in pixels.
virtual ~a2dStroke (void)
a2dStrokeUnShare ()
bool operator== (const a2dStroke &a)
bool operator!= (const a2dStroke &a)
wxObjectRefData * CreateRefData () const
wxObjectRefData * CloneRefData (const wxObjectRefData *data) const
virtual a2dStrokeType GetType (void) const
void SetStipple (const wxBitmap &stipple)
const wxBitmap & GetStipple () const
wxColour GetColour () const
 return colour 1
void SetColour (const wxColour &col)
 set colour used for gradient and wxSTROKE_MASK_OPAQUE filling.
wxColour GetColour2 () const
 return colour 2
void SetColour2 (const wxColour &col)
 set colour 2 used for gradient and wxSTROKE_MASK_OPAQUE filling.
void SetJoin (wxPenJoin join_style)
void SetCap (wxPenCap cap_style)
wxPenCap GetCap () const
wxPenJoin GetJoin () const
void SetWidth (float width)
 Set width of stroke in world coordinates.
float GetWidth () const
float GetExtend () const
void SetPixelStroke (bool pixelstroke)
 set pixelstoke flag, stroke width is defined in pixels else in worldcoordinates
bool GetPixelStroke () const
 if the width is pixels or not.
void SetAlpha (wxUint8 val)
wxUint8 GetAlpha () const
a2dStrokeStyle GetStyle () const
void SetStyle (a2dStrokeStyle style)
bool IsNoStroke () const
a2dStrokeSetNoStroke ()
 from now one this object defines as if no stroke is defined of the object having this stroke.
a2dStrokeType GetTypeForStyle (a2dStrokeStyle style) const
virtual void Load (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerIn &parser)
virtual void Save (wxObject *parent, a2dIOHandlerXmlSerOut &out, a2dObjectList *towrite)


bool operator== (const a2dStroke &a, const a2dStroke &b)
bool operator!= (const a2dStroke &a, const a2dStroke &b)

Detailed Description

Base class for all types of strokes, understood by a2dDrawer2D classes.

Any shape that needs to be stroked gets a a2dStroke derived class set for it. The derived classes define the way the stroking is done. The a2dCanvasView class needs to understand the different styles of stroking.

The stroke can be set to be of pixel type, which means it is a fixed size in pixels. Depending on the constructor used a pixel or non pixel stroke will be created.

Definition at line 378 of file stylebase.h.

Member Function Documentation

float a2dStroke::GetWidth ( ) const

Get width of stroke in world or device coordinates. (depending on pixel or non pixel stroke).

Definition at line 6281 of file stylebase.cpp.

bool a2dStroke::IsNoStroke ( ) const

used to define strokes that are not yielding (either need to be deleted, or indicate that there is no stroke defined for an object. This is can be used on any stroke. This method, is handy since one can still clone such strokes.

Definition at line 510 of file stylebase.h.

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