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obase classes used for many others
|\a2dObject holds property objects
| \predefined StylePropertiesSeveral predefined style properties
ocommands used in command processor
|\id used for submitting commands to a a2dCommandProcessor
oevents in the wxDocview library
|oid of events
|ohandlers for event types in static event tables
|oEvent Manager
|\Events used in docview frame work.
oa2dCanvasObject related objects
|\vector path a2dCanvasObject plus segment classes
oclasses used for drawing with a2dDrawer2D
oObjects used for interactive manipulation.
oobjects used for styling a2dCanvasObject's
|\predefined StylePropertiesSeveral predefined style properties
ogeneral objects can be reached global
oAlgorithms on hierarchy in a2dDocument
|\File IO
| oGDSII format File IO
| oCVG File IO
| \SVG File IO
ocomplex canvasobject's
ocomplex canvasobject's for drawing sets of curves
otemplates to call commands
oid for error messages
oObjects in docview frame work.
|\Events used in docview frame work.
\Text related classes
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