On Linux

Here used Ubuntu. First download from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ the latest C++ setup for Eclipse. Do not use apt-get since it is way to old, and did not work with Cmake its eclipse generator. I downloaded: eclipse-cpp-galileo-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz You just unpack this file to a directory within your home, and later on start eclipse that is in there.

I assume you have wxWidgets compiled and installed as explained in UbuntuInstall.

Use Cmake (e.g. cmake-gui) to generate a new build directory at the same level as wxArt2D.

cd /home/me/wxArt2D/..
mkdir buildEclipseDeb
cd /home/me/buildEclipseDeb
cmake-gui ../wxArt2D

Of course you used the Eclipse generator CDT4 - Unix Makefile. Now you are ready to start eclipse, and import the generated projects. See here on how to do that: http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/Eclipse_CDT4_Generator

Using Eclipse with package Wascana and Mingw

First install Wascana. This gives you a read to use Mingw environment to use. But wxArt2D wants a static build of wxWidgets (debug and release or best).

Next install wxMSW in order to compile a debug version of wxWidgets for Mingw.

Start a shell:


This will open in your home directory, and in windows that is something like: c:\Documents and Settings\klaas\My Documents\Wascana Workspaces\home\klaas\
So i installed wxMSW-2.8.9-Setup.exe into that directory as wxwin. In your MSYS unix shell, you now type:

In case of release use:

Now extend your path in order to find wx-config from here: PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

Now use c:/tools/cmake/bin/CMakeSetup.exe to generate project files for your Eclipse IDE.

The generator type to use is: Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles

One of the Cache values should be: wxWidgets_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE C:/tools/Wascana/msys/local/bin/wx-config The option wxWidgest_USE_DEBUG should be set to OFF, if you want to work with release build later on.

After CMakeSetup.exe has finished, you can make wxArt2D, by typing make in C:\soft\wxartcvs\wx288eclip

See for more on Mingw installation: http://max.berger.name/howto/wxWidgets/wxWidgets_MinGW.jsp

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