Kdevelop4 install


The Kdevelop4 ide is completely tuned towards CMake usage. And this is why CMake does not have a generator for this IDE. kdevelop4 does the import of CMake itself. So in Kdevelop4 hit the menu <Project/import project> Browse to a CmakeLists.txt file in the wxArt2D trunk for which you need to add a library or package. That should be the following directories:

After choosing the menu to import the CmakeList.txt file, you get some dialogs to fill in. When you see Build directory, you need to change it to the way wxart2d wants it. To be able to browse to the right directories, you first need to create them in your build directory, like explained in here WxArt2dInstallCmake.

After this, you can build the projects in the order as above. That is it.

After all is compiled, you need to make some target launch configuration. Got menu run>configure launches, in the dialog you can press the big + button, to add for instance a sample executable which is a project target. E.g. wxart2d/samples/editor/wires/sample_editor_wires The rest is using the IDE, as is.

One thing kdevelop does is store the project files into the trunk. Like you will find: