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Due to things being a little complex, it's not unusual to have some problem in between. Take a look at:
Due to things being a little complex, it's not unusual to have some problem in between. Take a look at the [[#CommonIssues|common issues]].
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== Focus on your own application == == Focus on your own Application ==
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== Common issues == == Common Issues ==

Download and Installation of wxArt2D

General Approach

The general approach to get the wxArt2D library and its demos running is:

  • Download tools and sources
  • Configure and build wxWidgets
  • Configure and build wxArt2D
  • Focus on your own application

Due to things being a little complex, it's not unusual to have some problem in between. Take a look at the common issues.

In this documentation there might be a certain bias towards MS Windows (MSW) systems with Visual Studio. However, wxArt2D is known to work with CygWin and natively on Linux as well. See Working combinations for more.

Download Tools and Sources

Being able to be built on different platforms, wxArt2D requires more than just its own sources.

  • Get wxWidgets, http://www.wxwidgets.org/

    • Latest released version is 2.8.8. From here on, it is assumed you use version 2.8.8, not an older version. The development branch 2.9.0 is not yet supported (there are incompatibilities), any volunteeers?
  • Get a CVS client, e.g. TortoiseCVS, http://www.tortoisecvs.org/

  • Get CMake, version 2.6 or newer, http://www.cmake.org/

    • wxArt2D uses CMake as its build system. It will generate makefiles & project-files using template files present in wxArt2d folders.

  • Get wxArt2D by CVS
    • Choose a home for your wxArt2D installation, on MSW e.g. D:\
    • From console run cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@wxart2d.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wxart2d co -P wxArt2D

    • Now you should have e.g. D:\wxArt2D.
    • No, there is no zip-file or msi-installer. Though wxart2d is well maintained, there are no releases, yet.
    • To get the latest wxArt2D sources, just rerun the cvs command anytime.
  • Features not provided by wxWidgets, but required by wxArt2D are embedded in wxArt2d\thirdparty folder to make the compile process easier (however you can still configure wxArt2d so that they are not used).

Now you have the tools and sources needed to build wxArt2D.

Configure and build wxWidgets

wxWidgets and wxArt2D need to be made with matching configurations. Especially, wxArt2D requires OpenGL support and the contributed scintilla library from wxWidgets.

  • For introduction and details on how to configure or build wxWidgets on your system at all, please refer to the extensive wxWidgets documentation (offline and online)
  • For wxArt2D, wxWidgets must be compiled with OpenGL support
    • For Visual Studio: set USE_OPENGL = 1 in %WXWIN%\build\msw\config.vc

    • If you prefer NMake, add USE_OPENGL=1 to your nmake command.

    • On Unix/Linux, use option --with-opengl in configure line.
  • If you intend to use e.g. static CRT, unicode, or wxWidgets using STL, be prepared for additional, matching changes in wxArt2D.
  • Build wxWidgets itself
  • Build wxWidgets contributions, stc (scintilla library) is required, LUA is optional
    • Configure and build them identically to wxWidgets itself (repeat the steps above).
    • stc is required for wxArt2D.
    • Optional is wxLua, which is used in some modules and samples of wxArt2D. So you can configure and compile wxArt2d without it. In case you have wxLua installed and compiled, wxArt2d's CMake configure script finds wxLua by setting the environment variable WXLUA on windows. When using wxLua, also wxStEdit is required, see wxCode project. WXSTEDIT should be set to its root, in order for CMake to find it.

Now you have a functional wxWidgets library, including some contribs. Ideally you have verified on some wxWidgets demo, that everything is running well.

Configure and build wxArt2D


Focus on your own Application


Common Issues


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